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Lots Of 8/8.1 Patches Are Coming


Xplorer4x4 You don't have any programing experience do you? jonzey231 Sure thing, boss. It is not broken, so don't fix it! And to do so, you need Microsoft account, and tone of people don’t have or want to have a Microsoft account. ​4.

You seem to have forgotten that those computers fucked up by updates are NOT MS's computers, they belong to the USER (or his company).. How-To 22 hr 16 Tips Every PS4 Owner Should Know Special Report 1 day Help Me, Tom's Guide: Should I Get Amazon Echo or Googl... Poor change is why Windows 8 failed. For instance You pin a tile that represents your user folder to the start menu, and when you right click, a menu pops up with the various libraries. https://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/64827-lots-8-8-1-patches-coming.html


If you were to talk about an entirely new OS then maybe you'd have a point, but clearly this was about an update - I'm sure you're aware of that by http://www.cardinalphoto.com David Cardinal Question: After doing the update on a tablet, the "two-finger" swipe gesture to have the Desktop toolbar reappear doesn't work. The Monthly Rollup will continue to include updates for Internet Explorer, as a single additive update that provides all security and reliability fixes since the beginning of the new servicing model Microsoft says their new approach "increases Windows operating system reliability, by eliminating update fragmentation and providing more proactive patches for known issues." They added that "Several update types aren't included in

undead overlord dan there not talking about a tablet its dumm Xplorer4x4 Why do you need a touchscreen so badly for Win8? It shouldn't be, but the architecture can't handle the plethora of things to check and dependencies any more.I'll begrudgingly accept the loss o Re:And unwanted updates... (Score:5, Interesting) by Rockoon ( Dan Oh you again, I thought it was something more important, sorry I have to leave you, I'm on my way to a very important meeting with the CFO and CIO, Kb3078667 VirtualMark Again, flawed logic.

This philosophy goes on for all other updates. I've installed my windows since July of 2009 and never reinstalled, and recently I was looking at the "winsxs" folder and to my surprise it was a whopping 12.4 GB with Tig3RStyluS I think you might be onto something, perhaps its his mouse that is naff. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/important-changes-windows-updates-coming-february-2017 due to some reason, lots of people choose not enable automatic updates of windows totally., which made them never knew there were updates in the first place. 3.  8->8.1 normally is

I'll have a look to see if I can find the files elsewhere. Windows 7 Spy Updates List I think not, (Score:2) by God of Lemmings ( 455435 ) writes: my friend Mr. I'm sure there are plenty more changes under the hood, but somehow I was expecting something a little more obvious. Of course, you're an AC..

Windows 8.1 Telemetry Updates

That's why you need the search box. It's really not hard to grasp. Kb3092627 And who really is the customer base? Windows 7 Spy Updates 2016 It had been awhile since I'd done a 7 install, and boy how things have changed.

No pun… jonzey231 Here's a link to my hands-on. Even For XP Users | TechCrunch Microsoft patches Heartbleed in Windows 8.1 VPN client in Windows 8 News The rest here How to apply patches on Win8? Reply Gregory on February 11, 2017 2:53 pm I have heard Microsoft is handing over information to left wing activists and Antifa-documentation that runs their own Stasi-registers. If it's completely implemented to NT 7.0, everyone would be satisfied. Stop Windows 7 Spying

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=when+was+Windows+8.1+released 0 1 year ago Reply SumairB I disagree. If these two things could be done I would adopt Windows 8.x. How many years in IT have we been trying to stop people from trying to put everything on the desktop and use libraries and the links to libraries on the start This update collects all of the security patches for that month into a single update.

Check out the new SourceForge HTML5 internet speed test! × 85579861 story Microsoft Announces 'Cumulative' Updates Will Become Mandatory For Windows 7 and 8.1 (microsoft.com) 275 Posted by EditorDavid on Saturday Kb3075249 Re: (Score:3, Informative) by fustakrakich ( 1673220 ) writes: They can't disable it if you have updates disabled in the first place.Make sure to check that occasionally. At the end of the ebook, you’ll find a table listing stories sorted by topic.

You can't compare Metro to things like System Restore or the Command Prompt.

Dan Who is more stupid or who looks more like a moron? Simple a test: Windows PE editions contain only the main core of Windows NT. either their internet connection are slow, or limited capacity 2. Windows 7 Spyware Removal Your opinion is yours and maybe others too, but it does not mean we that don't agree are any dumber.

The button makes it obvious, plus it makes it more likely that someone will start typing without thinking about it, and just stumble on how to search the original way. Jim Login or register to participate. Naipier How many companies out there have market dominance in their respective field? Thank you for updating this post by virtue of this works made comfortable.

So that's good.On the Desktop side of things, the latest update doesn't change much. I think PC settings/Control Panel should have been a tile. I'm hoping there will be a large enough outcry that they back off before I have to move to another platform. But if for those currently using it, just tweak it.

They are losing two to three days productivity having to fix their computers. The special backgrounds that Metro uses could have just been an active wallpaper for the desktop and the tiles could have just slid out from the left as the desktop icons Windows Update Cleanup in Windows 7: If you are using Windows 7, you'll need to download and install a new update which will add this useful option "Windows Update Cleanup" in It has nothing to do with intelligence or stupidity.

All that is a given, but how many other products out there came out perfect in version 1.0? Among them are my parents and my sister... don't know whether this is a good or bad practice. Moreover,  people who are used to a working system running Windows 7 or Windows 8 may not want to change.

Tig3RStyluS You dont know me, but i didnt use it before Windows 8. lol Dan says you and your grandpa Eric Bryner I will never understand that, because it is not hard to use at all. Microsoft announced 13-Jan-2017 that they are changing how IE11 updates are delivered to Win 7 SP1 and Win 8.1 in Nathan Merser's latest MS TechNet blog entry Simplified servicing for Windows Microsoft Patches Latest Internet Explorer Security Flaw ?

Compared to that lack of privacy from big brother and the associated danger to our "free" society, this issue of telemetry data with Microsoft is small potatoes. There is little news about these updates but tech forums are already abuzz about their spying ways. Why? Ray C You are the idiot complaining about something you don't even have to see.

But given their track record, I'd be crazy to allow Microsoft to make changes to my system that can't be rolled back.