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Let's Tell MS What We Think Of Windows 8


They are staying away because win 8 is putting them off. There are no 2nd chances Regis Chapman I've been using Windows 8 since the Consumer Preview. my question was whether a twitter client for example is able to pull tweets in Arabic -let's say- and display them correctly without extra coding? They had a lot of success with their Xbox division. navigate here

Not too long till windows blue. Language is absolutely critical to a person's ability to use the operating system and I'm glad that Microsoft has finally acknowledged this. @Steven Sinofsky - I appreciate that you only recently Now we both know I am entitled to an opinion but you'd also be entitled to contradict it, wouldn't you? Loading comments... other

What Is Assistive Technology Windows 10

But I agree with everything else. Time to hate on them!" such that even if they release a good product, they'll find a reason to crap on it. Windows 7′ update control panel (Windows 8's is nearly identical)"As we shared in late October on the Windows Blog, we are committed to making it easy for our Windows 7 and

It also provides other useful options and tools to troubleshoot your system. It would be nice to have the option to disable the start screen. software runs ok on win 7, nothing beyond that. Assistive Technologies Windows 10 Apps need to not be like ios or android apps, they need to be FULL FLESHED apps, or applications if we must.

Sukumaar LOL wat is dis ?? Windows 10 Free Upgrade Download Not surprisingly, 35,468,501 (12.41% of the total) speak Spanish at home. Ian Hamilton, a program manager on our Windows International team, authored this post. -Steven With Windows 8, we’ve changed how we think about languages from a "local-market feature" to a "feature http://blog.usabilla.com/the-4-ux-principles-microsoft-forgot-that-doomed-windows-8/ I may have already alluded to the idea that with time, and tweaking, and digging through things I could get it all working just fine, but as I also stated, I

Was too confusing and did not see anything useful for me (I find the metro dashboard quite confusing actually). Free Windows 10 Download This is why you can sign away your data privacy. You can't talk shit about people because they don't want to download Windows 10 on their computers, it's their choice rather they want it or not. Well, now it's built in to Windows 8 as Windows Defender.

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But I m also highly dissapointed with the heaviness of IE. A quick question: why EN-UK was considered as an entire Language Pack and not as a LIP based on EN-US? What Is Assistive Technology Windows 10 It's called Mac OS X Lion. How To Get Windows For Free It's super annoying.

I haven't used it extensively yet, but I like that the style matches the rest of the taskbar now, and good riddance to the non-standard menus found in the Vista/7 Language check over here I understand the issues with 8/8.1 -- it was basically a beta of 10 and most don't want to be a Guinea pig (the reality of it is you are with I hope we can expect more of that kind. @Blai: That is exactly the point. Windows 8 Desktop looks similar to Windows 7 Desktop. Windows 10 Free Upgrade For Customers Who Use Assistive Technologies

I remember when I was in Korea, every single keyboard had an Alt/Gr key to the right of the space bar (the Alt key that is rarely used) that when pressed Some people will misinterpret the installation as malware, since Microsoft hasn't historically updated its operating systems in this fashion. Patrick Proctor EULAs can get away with just about anything since it's contract law. his comment is here Prior to Win7 I would quickly switch between folder windows by clicking the taskbar.

He primarily covers Windows, PC and gaming hardware, video and music streaming services, social networks, and browsers. Windows 10 Upgrade For Windows 8 Even if they did - it is just too much hassle. Reply MUI user says: February 21, 2012 at 2:15 am Is this limited to certain edition , same as Vista and 7 (enterprise/ultimate)?

Paul Thurrott from Supersite For Windows, citing a source inside Microsoft, wrote in November that “Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft's internal projections and have been described inside

Restart your system and now it should remove the product key and you should get an unactivated Windows with 30 days trial period. It's got system-wide spellchecking, so you don't have to rely on a specific app to keep your writing top-notch, as well as a system-wide search feature, that lets you search anything Looking forward to the post covering locales and regional settings). "Select the language you want from the list. Windows 10 Free Upgrade From Windows 7 close I think MS is almost ready to do it :).

windows 8? Maybe that is an option. As I've said above and elsewhere, 10 completely prevented me from using my Google apps, specifically Gmail and that's a total show-stopper for me until they fix that. http://passwordrecoverysoftware.org/windows-10/laptop-recovered-back-to-windows-8-1-how-do-i-get-windows.html Editor's note: So here is what Ben thinks about the future of Windows 8.

Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate. Try and change your UAC in windows 10, give your account permissions to read and write protected directories and change your search engine to google. That used to be English US. anyway this site shares a lot of ways to make win8 look better.

I prefer it because it is faster to download/install. Interested people can download a free 90-day trial version of Windows 8 RTM using following link: Download 90-Day Trial Version of Windows 8 RTM Absolutely Free Or you can purchase Windows Follow Ben on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This seemingly smart strategy is doomed for a number of reasons, but mostly, they just forgot the basics.

AngelaInAbilene Office is the one I can't do without. Yes, Windows 7 may have been great at one point and might still function just fine, but as soon as 8 was released, for me it became obsolete. tech_e_guy you must be a shrill there is nothing decent in the Windows10 platform, or you are an idiot.