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Latest Windows Updates Removes Hand To Close Apps?


They must have blinders on.Since Bill Gates and Bill Ballmer have left, the new CEO or who ever is the new HONCHO has not done a very good job in improving You can easily configure windows update to do this.THIS. People are able to reinstall ccleaner and use with no problams, that should tell you something. Reply Robert October 11, 2016 at 3:49 am # No need, MS headquarters in Redmond is close to where the US Navy keeps it's nuclear powered submarines toting nuclear tipped trident have a peek here

Munchy I love windwos 10 I think its the best os I have ever used but make no mistake if microsoft removes any software or app you personally install on your I am guessing you have never had catalyst hang like the vast majority of us. Some bugs aside, it does look promising. The big growth will be in China, Russia and India, where MS will help the government track everyone.

How To Stop Windows 10 From Uninstalling Programs

Even windows is more stable under osx. The start menu frequently freezes (4-5 times per day) and the whole thing freezes in about half of those cases. Regardless the installer is doing it's job. It's much cheaper to maintain one OS rather them multiple versions of the OS. (BTW, expect big layoffs at MS real soon now.

Here's How Read Article Article What is Windows Update? It’s also worth noting that there are rumors that an incoming update due in September will allow Windows 10 Home users to deactivate automatic updates. I determined this with the winver command (useful since at least XP days). Ccleaner Windows 10 Issues Hopefully microsoft will address the issues of uninstalling programs and apps we the user installs because if it is being the nanny on my pc then they will be history in

They don't miss MS products at all. (Skype notwithstanding.) If a significant number of computer users followed this path, Microsoft would have no choice but to clean things up a bit. Windows 10 Removing Programs Without Permission The only two options are now and also later. Ricardo Kutz Fuehrer…. view publisher site Re: (Score:3) by TsuruchiBrian ( 2731979 ) writes: Good God , this is slashdot and we're still burning USBs to CD?!?!I don't even know what "burning a USB to CD" means.

Fast_Turtle What do you mean that Most Home Depot's are Using Vista? Windows 10 Deleting Files Automatically The other issue that arises with the Home edition is that Microsoft has decided to apply the same behavior to all apps installed from the Store. Reply Benom November 25, 2015 at 1:43 pm # These ever increesing bugs/"features" of windows 10 sure makes it hard for me to love this os.decressing harddrive space (check your disk Is it at all possible that those complaining have other issues?

Windows 10 Removing Programs Without Permission

And the updates are quite unexpected. Users assert that they have said NO to the installer many times, and have even turned on the friendly registry flags to tell MS that they dont want the upgrade.MS has How To Stop Windows 10 From Uninstalling Programs I bought my computer, I paid license fees for the software on that computer and NO ONE, NO ONE has the right to remove software except ME. Windows 10 Update Removes Programs Read More , or a minimum of 4 GB of RAM for Hyper-V to run virtual machines (only available with the 64-bit version).

Related Links Top of the: day, week, month. 2837 commentsDonald Trump Wins US Presidency 1149 commentsGarmin Engineer Shot And Killed By Man Yelling 'Get Out Of My Country!' 1116 commentsVC, Entrepreneur navigate here Russell Holly The article was updated to reflect that this was possible with the mouse. I really liked XP and 7 but Microsoft seems to have no regard for the future or for looking out for its customers.. Checked Registry (REGEDIT) > Edit > Find "UpgradeCompatibility". Windows 10 Removed Ccleaner

Just do it, dammit, it probably won't kill you9. biohazara What did I say or asked that makes you say that? An AT&T technician was in my area yesterday evening checking the outside wiring, and his readings said everything looked good. Check This Out Fast_Turtle I've already decided to drop Windows once Win7 hits EOL and support ends.

Bruce’s Reply: With all of the Internet-connected Windows computers in the world today, Microsoft has faced challenges in keeping all of those machines as secure as possible. Files Missing After Windows 10 Update And I don't believe for a moment that Microsoft implemented these changes to "make it easier for non-techie folks". I just don't like what I see from microsoft policies.

Try forcing folks with 2003 vintage PCs to not user the latest OS.

Read More in order to find out if these settings were only removed from the Local Group Policy Editor, yet remained functional by manually editing the registry. It's not that any particular title is keeping me on Windows, it's that almost every new PC game is available for windows. The reported issue has not been tied to the act of upgrading. Removal And Vanishing A Software From Any System The decision as to whether or not to engage in risky behavior should be left to the user.

It defies logic. Jedro LMFAO HAHAHAHAHA…..can't breath Bilal Mahmood I may have to skip windows 10 along with windows 8 now Mike kizaberg what to go to steam os (failure os), linux (less support Windows 8 wouldn't preserve a single installed application when upgrading a 7 system, and like 10 they're both NT 6.x generation OS's, yet no-one seemed to care this much.P.S. http://passwordrecoverysoftware.org/windows-10/lossing-wifi-for-windows-apps.html The bickering and caterwauling on this thread is tipping the signal-to-noise ratio far to the latter.

Who is to say that they are not adding "business" decisions to that as well…. I'm sticking with 7 since 8.1 still has some issues (and control panel is still a mess in that one).