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lap top is just flat out SLOW HP Stream 13 Windows 10

Kodi launches UWP app for Windows 10

laptop (almost) freezes and will not respond to mouse clicks

Laptop + Windows 10 Fresh Install + Partitions

Laptop Battery Not Showing Correct Charge

LAN and WLAN not working after latest Windows Update

LAN conection problems

Laptop and External Monitor - 2 settings - Setup Scale/Resolution Help

Language switch problem using Surface

LAN issues after upgrade & Homegroup no longer exists

Lack of W8 Language Packs could delay some people in upgrading

lan connection is not working and wifi also not connecting.

L 560 touchpad are missing after W10 Upgrade (1511.

Laptop display resolution and scaling

laptop cannot start applications I have installed

Laptop doesn't wake after sleep mode after Windows 10 update

Laptop fan running full speed as soon as bios starts up

Laptop constantly sleeping (2mins or so)

laptop crashes when trying to use antivirus

L702x (XPS-17) Webcam not functional after Windows 10 upgrade

Laptop begins installing Windows

Laptop gets very slow while copying/moving files

Laptop freezing whn wifi on

Lan Port Issue


Language removed -- still getting Windows updates for it

LAN and WiFI not working correctly after update

L511Z battery problems after Windows 10 install

Laptop is slow after Update to Version 1607

Laptop has very low sound. Newly updated driver.

Laptop going into standby instead of turning off display

Laptop keeps freezing since Windows 10 updated

laptop keep on loading and flashing blue

Laptop is freezing and unresponsive when multiple Windows ar.

Kmode_exception_not_handled bsod

Laptop is not installing Windows

Laptop Overheating During Windows Re-installation

laptop not hibernating

Laptop recovered back to Windows 8.1 - how do I get Windows .

laptop loses wifi connection upon startup

Laptop occasionally not waking from sleep

Laptop cannot see device after reïnstalling Windows10

Laptop does not show battery warning.

Laptop not boot up after upgrade to 10

LAN Internet/Network Connection Issue

Laptop lid does not close

Laptop Get Too Slow. Laptop Take 30 Minutes To Start.

laptop isnt opening after updating Windows

laptop power down

laptop opens to startup menu

Laptop MEMORY_MANAGEMENT on daily use

Laptop overheating and fan incredibly loud after Windows upd.

Laptop sometimes increases brightness when switching apps

Laptop Randomly Restarts

Laptop had Win 8 and upgraded to Win 10. Can I install a clean Win 10?

Laptop fixing audio

Laptop doesn't turn off properly since Windows 10 upgrade


Laptop is in an unstoppable blue screen cycle

Laptop restarts without notice or warning

Laptop stopped showing jpg's.

Laptop starts up always when opening display.

Laptop screen brightness control not functioning

laptop not booting after recently installing Windows 10

Laptop retarts ramdomly and other

Laptop graphics driver causing slow boot

laptop speakers going slow.

Laptop restarted from hibernate

Laptop is slow to hibernate when on battery

Laptop Restarts WITHOUT reason

Laptop lags ever since update

Laptop Crashes When I Close The Lid

Laptop Very Slow Since Bought

Laptop OS corrupted and not have a recovery cd

Laptop Randomly Resarts

Laptop reinstalled Windows by itself + other errors

Laptop very slow after Windows Update

laptop was update the drive onwords i enter thw Windows pass.

Laptop keeps restarting since Windows 10 install

Laptop stuck at Restarting.

Laptop touchpad not working since installing Windows 10

Laptop permitting stuttering sound

Laptop on battery disconnects the internet?

Laptop Wi-Fi permanently disabled since W10 upgrade.

Laptop not opening chrome / any setting folders or installin.

Laptop updated to win 10 and didn't want it too

Laptop stuck in restart loop?

Laptop Touchscreen and Windows Start button won't work.

Laptop taking ages to shut down

Laptop Sleep issue

Laptop won't shut down properly or go to sleep

Laptop wont reset

Laptop goes to Hibernate mode Battery remaining

Laptop won't boot into Windows 8.1 after Windows 10 Update

Laptop won't shut down after installing Windows 10

laptop wont properly start after reset failed

Laptop won't turn off screen and play slideshow

Laptop upgradation issue

Latest DirectX Update

Large feature Sticker on Yoga to right of touchpad impossible to remove

Laptop won't start after Windows 10 update

Laptop won't boot after reset.

Laptop seems to be running hotter since update from 8.1 & long login

Laptop stuck after reset Help please

Laptop takes 20 minutes to load Windows

Laptop starts but will not run applications

Latest Y700 audio driver problem (pop sound from s.

Laptop will not boot after Windows 10 upgrade

Latest Win 10 ISO from MS

Latest Win 10 Pro 64-bit update

Latest update failed

Latest Win 10 update

Latency and Windows 10

Laptop wont load to Windows i have tried everythingo

Last pass in Win10 Edge

Last nights update failed.

Latest Win10 build?

Laptop's cooling fun speeds up speeds down constantly

Last Vista update killed printing JPG files

Latest Windows 10 update - CD/DVD driver vanished It's NOT recognizing the drive

Latest Build 14393 No Extensions

Laptop taking a very long time to do updates

Latest update of Synaptics driver disables the vertical scro.

Laptop touch pad not working since installing Windows 10

Laptop won't shutdown or sleep

Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 10

Latest WIN 10 Upgrade not compatible with laptop. How do I f.

Latest W10 update or hardware failure?

Laptop won't shutdown completely in Windows 10

Latest Windows updates removes hand to close apps?

Latest drivers for OptiPlex 3020 for Windows 10 v1607 Anniversary update

Laptop takes long to boot and once done can't click/do anyth.

Latest insider build hoses up Network AGAIN

Latest Windows 10 update loses my PIN number

Latest Windows 10 update - issues with display settings

Laptop won't turn on after Windows 10 update

Latest SW ver but Win 10 won't allow it to install

Laptop screen flash on and of and I cant do anything

Latest Windows 10 update getting PCI device driver issues an.

Latest Win 10 Updates

Laptop. Windows 10

Latest Install of Win 10 Pro

Latest Windows update

Latest update (1607) No network --AGAIN

Latest Store App Updates in Windows 10

Latitudes e6400 and Windows 10

launching apps from custom shell?

Latest Version of W10 Very Slow

Latest Norton Products for Windows 10

Laptop Will Not Allow Optimization of Recovery Drive

Laptop Windows 10 won't boot after factory reset

Latitude E6540 very slow on bootup after Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 1607

Latest Win10 upgrades - broken the graphics?

Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 10

LCDS is non-compatible with recent MS updates

Laptop XPS13 goes in sleep mode really quick

Latitude E6530 not detecting network adapter on reinstalled Win 7 Pro

Left click doesn't work while pressing keyboard

Left Click & double tap not working in Windows 10

Latest update forces me to buy a new laptop/ATI drivers

Latitude 3540 not recognising external monitor after Win 10 upgrade

Latest Windows 10 Update Failed

Latest Version Of Mail & Calendar

Laptop won't connect to wifi on first boot/start-up


Last pass for Microsoft edge

Latest Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10

Launching SpeedFan using Task Manager

Lenovo 100S doen not show Sound option for HDMI ou.

Lenevo Z51 Windows 10 audio poblems

Launching Modern apps with "Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center"

Lenovo apps removed after "recovery" in Windows 10

Legal procedure to downgrade PC's with Windows 8.1 pro to Windows 7 Pro

Legit Windows 10 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu - Activate?

Legacy applications font scaling is blurry in build 10586

Lenovo bootable diagnostic does load all the way w.

Lenovo Companion problem on P40 Yoga

Lenovo 50-70 poor wifi signal on Windows 10

Lenovo 580c and ?ompatibility with Windows 10.

Lenovo drivers & Windows 8 metro problems

Lenovo G480 start up very slow after window 10 Pro.

lenovo G5070 doesnot detect monitor via vga

Latitude E6530 bios update before win 10 upgrade

Lenovo B590 Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade fails

Lenovo G505s Poor Audio after upgrade to Windows 1.

Lenovo failed me and Windows 10 Upgrade ruined my .

Lenovo G570 Amd graphics not detected

Lenovo G510 Screen Keeps Dimming when a dark objec.

Lenovo G710 - Windows 8 upgrade problem

Lenovo G710 USB 3.0 issues on Windows 10

LCD Pixilating (SP) only during Windows.

Lenovo G575 Will Not Boot After Fresh Windows 10 I.

Lenovo G590 cannot access BIOS - UEFI disabled

Lenovo H50 won't boot normally but won't reset either

Lenovo G570 Slow BOOT & BIOS

Lenovo G580 Windows 10 ACPI Driver not installing?

Lenovo G50-70 Fan running at full speed

Lenovo Ideapad S405 display issue on Windows 10 64.

Lenovo Flex 2.15: Windows 10 Reset; how to recover.

Lenovo Recovery Particion after Windows 10 Update

lenovo ideapad500 -15ISK problem

Lenovo IdeaPad S400 Touchpad keine Funktion

Lenovo p50 fan running constantly at max speed wit.

Lenovo preinstalled SW after updating to WIN10

Lenovo M30-70 doesn´t upgrade to Windows 10

Lenovo G500 Windows 10

Lenovo Ideapad 100S shutdown problem

Lenovo T430s - Windows 10 boot freeze

Lenovo Ideapad 100s-14IBR Windows 10 Clean Install

Lenovo U31-70 Keyboard malfunction after Windows 1.

Lenovo T400 Windows 7 to Windows 10 fail

Lenovo S100 not have enough space for Update Windo.

Lenovo t450 Windows 10 Wireless not detecting Veri.

Lenovo Setting keep reset after every window start.

Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 static noise from headphon.

Lenovo ideapad s300 Graphics Problem

Lenovo Utility ( y50-70) Windows 10

Lenovo Thinkpad E545 CD/DVD is not recognized afte.

Lenovo partition in Win10

Lenovo Thinkpad T510 Windows 10 bluetooth not show.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 Windows 10 upgrade

lenovo thnikpad W520 Windows 10 problems

Lenovo Recovery Partition after Windows 10 Update

Lenovo USB 3.0 Driver Windows 10

Lenovo ThinkPad T450s Blurry Text/Not Sharp

Lenovo Y510P with a Windows 10 on SSD randomly fre.

Lenovo Y700 - stuck @ 2.2 GHZ on Windows 7

Lenovo y510P - Random Reboot and Power Button Issu.

Lenovo Y700 high ping while playing online on WiFi.

Lenovo P50s microphone doesn't work Win10

Lenovo X1 Yoga (20FQ) Clean Windows 10 Pro Install.

Lenovo Y50-70 No headphones sound after muting it .

Lenovo Updates app fails on Windows 10 with "Netwo.

Lenovo Y50 LCD Backlight Issue After Windows 10 An.

Lenovo y40-70 sound function stuck to increasing

Lenovo u410 no sound from internal speaker

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2016 Windows 10 Build

Lenovo u31 format recover Windows 10 instalation

lenovo y700 cracking speakers sounds


Lenovo Y700 - Screen flashing on startup after SSD clone migration

Lenovo Z50 70 Windows 10 sound problems

Lenovo y5-70 poor wifi signal on Windows 10

Lenovo Y580 Windows 10 SSD + HDD. Did anybody try .

Lenovo y50-70 poor wifi signal on Windows 10

Lenovo y50 fuzzy

Lenovo Yoga 900 Display Issue after reboot

Lenovo: Is there a case opened for the HDMI issue .

Lenovo Y500 - Serious problems after Win10 update .

LG DVD RW GH22LS40 not working

Lenovo k330 7727 - Can't find USB Drivers

Lenovo z500 fan not running smoothly on Windows 10

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Brightness Stuck Windows 10

Let's run Win10 on really really old hardware

Lenovo Z51-70 BSOD While Torrenting

Lid closed unable to reboot

LifeCam 3.0 won't install

Lenovo Yoga 700 touchpad scroll speed varies acros.

License questions. Converting W8.1 to W10.

Lifecam.exe fails on initialization

LifeCam HD-5000 not working after 1607 update

Links from Windows mail

Limit Local User Access (10 Home)

Linking digital licences to MS Account.

Light Yellow Background for System Windows

Linking Windows 10 to my Microsoft Account Question

Limited Connection on Ethernet

Line-In audio passthrough on bluetooth headphones

License to use Windows

List of laptops that compatible with HP Windows 8.1 and 10 i.

Link a Microsoft Account to a Windows 10 license

Linked my PC to outlook account and now login is a new password

lenovo yoga 2 1051l cant miracast with lg 32lf650v

Lenovo Z50 right speaker doesnt work

Letters are not shown in particular apps -> white boxes

Lexmark E210/Samsung ML-1210

Let's tell MS what we think of Windows 8

Live tile not opening

List of helpfull update tools for Win 10.

Live Tiles missing.

Lenovo Yoga 2 requires repairs after Windows 10 in.

live tiles do not work

loaded win 10 anniversary updated. does not find any wireles.

List of Games working on Windows 10

List of Anti-Viruses working in Windows 10 TP

Letter writing on Windows 10

Local HDD listed in "Safely Remove Hardware"

Loading Windows 10 on DV6715 laptop

Local Network Fix

Live Tiles Not Working

Limited Connection through Wi-Fi after Windows 10 upgrade

Location based default printer in Windows 10

Lock Screen Stops Responding / Screens flashing

Lock screen image on laptop rotates (which I like) but not on desktop

location of desktop photos

lock screen to file

Lock on sleep

Localization of icons in system dlls

Location of Windows 10 lock screen wallpapers?

Lock up/freeze

Lock screen reverts to old picture after reboot

Licence Activation for W7pro : how many times ?

Location Tab in Action Center is grayed out

Link to 8.1 RSAT tools is broken

Locate link browser window in Windows 7 and Outlook 2003

Lock screen to Start Menu

Lock screen video issue - with or w/o drivers installed

Lexmark z2420 printer no longer found after upgrading from Windows 7

Lock (not put to sleep) laptop on lid close

Lock when supposed to be sleeping?

locked up elite notebook 8460p to a black grey login screen .

Lockscreen Photo Location

Locating my file folders after installing Microsoft 10

Locating Windows 10 update files on hard drive

Lockscreen page not appearing at logon while BOOT UP

Lock Windows when laptop lid is closed? want a solution

Locked out of Windows 10 due to virus password changed

Logitech mouse crashing Windows?

Logon on password box doesn't allow me to enter text

log in picture

Login screen presents both local and MS account sign in

Login screen problem: password prompt doesn't show.

Local and Microsoft account name problem

Log on screen - bypass having to press the picture

Local and Microsoft accounts on same PC

Log in prompt not appearing

Lockscreen flikers while boot at login page?

Local Area Connection Adaptor is not working after latest windwos 10

long boot/shutdown time -- resolution settings

Logging into Windows using two passwords

Log On Screen new laptop

Long delay when start typing plus error "Synaptics TouchPad .

Logon screen change

Login hangs

Lockscreen Slideshow is set up but does not start

Login Picture

Logitech g15 keyboard causing Boot Manager to come up at start up

Locking desktop drops network

Locked out of boot up screen

Login Screen Background Not same as desktop Background

Login Error- there is no password prompt

login options are not being displayed in my notebook

Log-in Screen has Disappeared

Logitech webcam inop since

List of programs gone after W10 update

Lock Icons in Clock Area Part of Taskbar

log on screen picture

Location of Start Screen Backgrounds?

Lock Screen Display changes to Default after shutting down

login screen not showing. No way to login

Logon Password

logon password wont work after HP BIOS update

Login (not lock) Screen Background

Logon to another user causes System to be unstable

Location of a desktop background picture

Log in to PC problem

Local drive not showing in navigation pane

Login method keeps getting switched from PIN to Password.

long boot times

Logitech mouse not working in Windows 10

Loading Windows 7 over Windows 10

Locked out of my own Users folder in homegroup

long wait to restart Windows 10

Links to programs on 2nd HDD after reinstall Windows

Local User Account gone

Logon problem - 'pc offline' and password not recognised

Logon screen won't appear

Login help needed after PC Refresh

Long Delay When Displaying Icons in Start Menu Subfolders

Logon Screen with multiple users

local account controls

Lost Admin rights after switching from Win 10 account to local one

Looping boot after updating graphics drivers

losed settings after every restart or PC gets sleep

Loss of ability to scroll on the touchpad after upgrading fr.

Login Screen Wallpapers Where are They?

Lost admin rights in Win 8

Lose my wireless connection each time my laptop turns off

lost acer apps and others after Windows 10 update .

Loop restart

Lost admin accounts

Live tiles not working anymore

Loss of CD/DVD Driver on Upgrading to Windows 10

losing wifi for Windows apps

Localhost not working in Windows 10

long time i have not install my wifi driver mouse pad

Locking Start screen on 2nd monitor

Loss of TV tuner with Windows 10 upgrade

Logitech G25 won't work

Loss of sound after Windows 10 update

Long Boot Up Time

Long Time To Open Folder

Locking Window sizes?

LOGO of HP appears twice with black screen while restarting

Lock screen flashing while booting login page?

Losing sound comes back after reboot

Losing sound on Metro tile screen

Lost my Dolby sound in win 8

Loss of webcam after SP1 install

Lost font's after update's

Lost Admin access and totally lost control of my pc

Lost all Admin rights.

lost audio on HP DV6700 laptop since upgrading to W10

lost cd drive after installing Windows 10

Lost admin rights on only account

Log-in Pin is incorrect after Anniversary update

Lost All Files After Switching to Windows 10

Lost Outlook 2016 Contacts during Windows 10 upgrade

Lost BCD in UEFI PC. Can't get into OS

Lost USB Mouse and Keyboard after Windows 10 full reset

Lost everything on W10

Loss of wireless connectivity Windows 10 Version 1.

lost a minimalised window help.

Loud fan noise after five minutes: Inspiron One 19 Studio/Touch

Lost VM's When upgraded to 10

lost all administrator rights.

Lost NAT connection to my VMware Workstation

Logon to MS account slow

Lost right mouse click function menu for Start button

Lost diagnostic tools on upgrade to Windows 10

Lost my OS while trying to upgrade to WIN 10

Lost all administrative rights :/

lost my personal videos folder

Lost Taskbar & Start Menu

lost taskbar in Windows 10

Lost boot disk for disk image of 10 Professional.

Lost USB ports after Win 8.1 update can't log in

Lost Task Bar

Lost Start Menu and search bar/Cortana function in Window 10 after upgrade from Win 7 HP

Logitech Mouse & Win 10

Lockscreen slideshow does not work

lossing wifi for Windows apps

Lot of different BSOD

Lost Windows 10 Admin access

Lost Windows Games

LOST File association for JPG & GIF

lots of Bsod

Lost Wifi after Win10 upgrade from Win 7

LOTS OF BSOD's gaming.

Low Disk Space after Windows10 version 1607 upgrade

lost wireless connections

Low memory error while using only using half memory

Lost all admin rights and account

Login screen still appears after removing username/ password required

lost Windows store help

lost wifi on network settings

Lost admin rights in the only user account in the computer

loss of administrator elevate rights

Lost bookmarks when saving as HTM file

Lost Internet connection when upgrading to Windows 10

Low volume Windows 10? [Need help]

Lost my Win 10 upgrade during cleanup :(

Low speed copying and problems with HDD [Windows 10]

Lost my administrator account

Lost Taskbar

Loss of Admin Privileges/Permissions

Logon on waking from sleep mode

lost files after moving to quick access documents - just installed win 10

Lost start button on Windows 10

Loud Fan / bios can't update on Windows 10

Low memory warning with plenty of free RAM left

lost files after update

Lost Windows 7 to windos 10

Lose Wifi Network Detection after new adapter install

Low memory error while using only half memory

Low sound after the Windows 10 new build update

Lost power on/off option after Windows 10 upgrade

Low Volume on new HP 550-110 with Win 10

Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems

M1100 After cleans Windows 10 64 Bit install

lot of connection in Windows network

Lots of BSOD going on.

Lower left popup icon

Lots of Problems after Refresh - what is the best solution

Lost wireless connection

Lost my Windows 10 Pro

lost wireless conection

Lost Ethernet Connection after Windows Update

Lumix RAW Codec 64bit for Windows 8.1 needed

M53 won't boot to BIOS screen after Win 10 Version.

lt4211 Gobi Broadband driver issue

lusrmgr.msc - This snapin may not be used with this edition of Windows

M58 (8910) - Windows 10 - HDMI / no audio

m6 envy erratic/jumpy/crazy cursor

Low performance in games - WIN10

Lost administrator privileges

M73 - Windows 10 Changing Resolutions

Lost wifi on my HP Envy Laptop

M900: how to boot from M.2 SSD (NVMe)

M81: System Randomly Freezes After Win 10 Upgrade

lpksetup and mcbuilder tasks

M91-P unexpected shutdown Windows 10

lost option to login with PIN

M700 Update KB3176938 Win 10 failed

M7-N109DX can only get into bios no recovery options

Machine starts itself without anyone turning it ON and Bitlocker recovery key screen is shown

Machine won't hibernate after installing SLED 10

Machines are not being auto-activated

Lost Programs

Lost audio icon for headphones (desktop's front panel) after Windows 10 update

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