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Looking For Registry Browser/reader Other Than Usual Ones

In most cases, using the uninstaller of the software not only removes it more effectively, but it also restores any changed configuration.Alternatively, you can use a third-party utility like Revo Uninstaller How do I achive the same for wb.Navigate("about:blank") and wb.Document.Write(" & txtText.Text & "") ? The PC with an open source OS is close to the ideal of 'It just works'. Browser keeps saying IE7.

Writing parallel processing code is hard to do (I know from first-hand experience) — and it's even harder to do right. Rant over! And the ONLY reason Windows is "user friendly," so-called, is because you've USED it extensively. If you don’t care about all the fancy visual effects in Windows, you can turn them off by going to Performance Options. 9.

I let my installers write the values into the registry during the install process which also removes the keys on uninstall. It’s worth noting that just because the message shows an error doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, unless it shows up all the time. These registry cleaners and optimizers claim to speed up your computer by finding and removing orphaned and corrupt registry entries that are responsible for slowing down system performance.

The interface and lack of applications is the problem. You can google through lists of good tweaks. Dave March 15, 2013 # re: Web Browser Control – Specifying the IE Version Hi, I am having the same problem with Win8 64bit and VS2012. Is there some way I can set Enterprise mode for what runs in the library Thanks Ken Web Browser Control – Specifying the IE Version August 09, 2015 # re: Web

Please help.Thanks!Yash Top 2009-06-24 13:11:10 #3 yashpal Registered: Jun 19 2009 Posts: 3 Hi Doug,how will i know that you have got my question or not ? For one, the type of browser you use effects a lot. You can also check out our site to improve startupspeed.com. _khAttAm_ says: 7 years ago Sorry, I did not bother to read the original post as it does not apply to Putting together something for a demo, and your post just saved me a ton of work.Thanks!Andrew Richard September 14, 2011 # re: Web Browser Control – Specifying the IE Version It's

Would the registry hack you suggest work across Windows 7,8, 10? 3. For general browser issues:If you have a lot of toolbars, add-ons/plug-ins, and browser extensions attached to your browser, you could try improving performance by disabling or removing those which are unnecessary. If a service is configured as "manual," that means the user must start the service manually before it can be loaded by the operating system and made available for use. It would even be possible to install so many browser toolbars in Internet Explorer and other browsers that they consumed most of the browser's screen space.

I'm sure you will love it, they are easy to use. http://techgenix.com/determining-you-actively-being-compromised/ Determine your BIOS version and check the manufactures website to see if you need to update your BIOS. 59. If anyone is interested in any just email me at [email protected] MJ says: 8 years ago This is a very comprehensive list you have here. Every once in a while run the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup utility. 55.

Then what is PAE exactly for? @Syahid - Thanks man! Keep up the good work! However I think clearing the prefetch (#20) is a myth: http://lifehacker.com/5033518/debunking-common-wi… Yair Tendler says: 8 years ago Nice list, I would not dare waste my time on all the 99. For the Virtual Memory setting in Windows (right-click on My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Performance Settings, Advanced, Virtual Memory), make sure the MIN and MAX are both the same number. 92.

It should be warm to very warm but not hot.Inspect the thermal compound between the CPU and heat sink as it can deteriorate over time so. Your site has been helpful to me multiple times. I can't force anyone to use Linux, if you're not willing to, but if you are tired of Viruses/trojans/spywares/malwares and Antiviruses/Antispyware/AntiRootkits, reinstallations due to unsolvable(or very difficult to solve) errors or SharonB says: 8 years ago Great Tips - I will be trying these out tonight, thanks :) Shame about the negative comments above… Sharon alan says: 8 years ago I use

This list is by no means exhaustive, as entire books have been written on this topic. Here's the real story. God bless you, Rick, God bless you !

I guess the WB control is problematic for editing when specifying a Doctype, regardless if the hack is set for ie9 or not.

Hopefully it speeds up my PC. There was about 15 different tips that I was able to apply to my XP and Vista machines immediately. It don't work like that i'm afraid. 3. Palla says: 7 years ago Nice tips for increasing speed.

RELATED ARTICLEBeginner Geek: How To Edit Your Hosts File Consult our guide to editing your hosts file for more information. Essentially, you partition the drive in half and then format and use only the partition closer to the inside of the disk. Is there anything else that I am missing? My primary machine still runs a Windows OS, and probably always will.

John Kortis November 22, 2012 # re: Web Browser Control – Specifying the IE Version Thanks for this, it has been a wonderful help. Red [email protected] says: 8 years ago My own strategy to diagnosing a slow/unresponsive computer: 1. Again, Thanks a ton Rick for posting this, and writing it so clearly too! The message does not occur from a desktop browser.

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Get exclusive articles before everybody else. You must include DOCHOSTUIFLAG_DPI_AWARE in dwFlags in order to take advantage of the Internet Explorer 8 High DPI behavior in your WebOC.

The quick and easy way to GDI says: 8 years ago Switching to Ubuntu Linux definitely resolves the issues.

In addition, the SANS institute has a great cheat sheet to accompany this article that can be found here. Most Linux users use Windows aswell, primarily for playing games and other apps that Linux can't run. 2. If you go through the list, you will find that probably a half are just the same advice repeated with a slight variation. This in turn can cause overheating and faulty processor fans which can result in unexpected shutdowns, random restarts, booting problems, etc.

If you have a Firewire port, try to use that instead of a USB port since Firewire is faster than USB right now. 85. I suppose that if you have a huge amount of data in the Recycle Bin and dump it, and then perform a defrag, it is possible that you'll suddenly get such What sense does it make to add the "application name" for the exe, when there could be multiple different applications with the same EXE name. Also, be sure to look for any LISTENING connections on your local system on odd ports.

Beth says: 7 years ago Definitely the most comprehensive "Make Your Computer Faster" list I've seen so far. If you want to speed up your computer, buy more RAM. Registry changes are immediate with no 'undo'.Personally, I would really try the remove Reader and reinstall avenue first. Regards, Steve My Product Information: Reader 8.1.2, Windows Top 2008-05-12 07:34:27 #1 dthanna Registered: Sep 28 2005 Posts: 248 Steve,Don't pull your hair out - takes 7-years for the folicles to

This speeds up reading and writing to the disk.The Importance of Disk DefragmentationDisk Defragmenter in Windows 7/8 explainedUnderstanding Windows Vista Disk Defragmenting UtilityYou do not need to defragment an SSD drive.SSD That being the case, make sure you have closed any network-centric applications and processes so that your results aren't clouded with legitimate connections. When are we going to reach a stage where PC's should only be used and the maintenance of it be almost unheard of like the many appliances we use.