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Loosing RAID Configuration.new PC


I don't notice any performance hit at all. SpiritA general purpose desktop. InDiSent, Just a Tip: Setup Raid Arrays 01 or 10. John PS If the RAID controller was built-in to the original motherboard, then that's another story... John Ita, esto, quidcumque... 2006-09-09,11:59 #9 StuartR View Profile

Spending $300 on an expensive controller only to stripe or mirror is a waste of money, those are not complicated procedures and don't need a complicated brain to run them like Dr. This is not necessary with Windows software RAID 0, however, it's far faster than letting Windows re-sync (copy the data to) the mirror in the background.Transferring an existing operating system is Technically, it’s not really RAID, since RAID 0 isn’t redundant. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2152709/moving-raid-computer.html

How To Setup Raid 1

When I setup this raid 0 , It stated it will delete all the data in the hard drives. So, if we take the logic that says using two drives instead of one means that the possibility of a drive failing is 100% greater than the possibility of a single When the numbers of drives are sufficiently large (and I'd call our total hard drive sales sufficiently large), adding the two probabilities of failure together gives at least a close approximation RAID0 or RAID5 would be able to let you combine drives together.

As its name implies, RAID is a way to pair multiple drives together to improve performance, redundancy, or both. In fact, if we try too hard to talk them out of it, we end up losing the sale! OK, so I guess I'm just not understanding the difference then... Move Raid 1 Array To Another Computer I have data recovery tools and know how to use them, but the last 5/6 of the HDDs I have had fail on me were all complete failures.

You miss understand the purpose of RAID. How To Setup Raid 0 Windows 10 It is similar to flipping a coin multiple times, or flipping multiple coins. It really depends on what you're using it for, of course. http://www.pcworld.com/article/132877/RAID.html Take a large population of, say, 500,000 over a year, and seeing how many '˜failed' (died) that year '" e.g. 600 '" so the failure rate is 600 per 500,000 '˜people-years',

On the other hand, a single hard drive will often give warning signs before failure, so that scenario doesn't necessarily mean data loss either. Move Raid 0 To New Motherboard The computer companies who sold computers with RAID with insufficient RAID Controllers! The hardware identified by the article is still designed around a desktop platform which means to me not running 24-7 so the failure rates may be missing the all important - Thankfully, this incredibly annoying limitation of Windows XP doesn't apply in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which can read drivers from hard drives, flash drives, or optical media.Tools: You'll need a

How To Setup Raid 0 Windows 10

solved Moving Raid to new PC solved moving Windows 7 to new computer solved Moving backup HDD's to new computer/mobo question solved How do i get windows when moving to a dig this It does not statistically decrease your chances of data loss in any significant way. How To Setup Raid 1 Thank you!! How To Setup Raid 1 Windows 10 When it comes to a small business, who isn't going to spend the extra bucks for all the fancy s Register Help Remember Me?

And, at best you'll get slightly faster load times with a RAID 0. The more secure way is with a seperate RAID Controller, but I have used RAID Software only when using a MB with RAID Enabled support for hard drives (i.e. Unfortunately, it is not as clear of a number when it comes down to how many RAID failures there have been. Though it's hard for some (if not many) to admit that they've blown money on a solution which just isn't close to delivering on its promises. Move Raid 5 Array To Another Computer

Can this be done? For example, (using numbers that make the math simple) if a drive has a 1% chance of failure then having 100 drives does not mean that you have a 100% chance It offers no boost in performance or redundancy and is a holdover from the days when smaller disks had to be chained to handle large amounts of data. but to speak about drives distinctly as one unit of all the units in a warehouse...WAITA.

The only problem with RAID 1 is the misconception that it provides protection against deletion of files, trojans, viruses ets, but in the end it always come back to creating an How To Setup Raid 1 Windows 7 At at a time when nearly every modern motherboard has built in RAID, they have to offer it just to be considered as feature rich as their competitors. A final thought/reminder - RAID 0 does NOT provide backup of the data.

My current Biostar TZ77A system has already been reinstalled with Windows twice since the RAID was initially set up and was able to rebuild after each occasion without issue.

The *number* of drives in a system has, of course, no impact at all upon the manufacturer's MTBF-hours estimates of operational life for each of his drives that you own. Posted on 2007-02-17 19:59:52 a.lizard Using RAID, if something like a power surge eats both drives, you're SOL. I mix brand also because over the years, I've had some kind of problem wtih every brand of drive. How To Setup Raid Windows 10 Scott 2006-09-09,01:41 #4 joe88888 View Profile View Forum Posts Star Lounger Join Date Aug 2003 Posts 57 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Re: raid 0 disks can be

That's just simple math. Don't take my word for it! Most operating systems—including Windows—also give users the ability to configure what’s known as software RAID. The quality is higher, the performance is better, and when you have a problem with your array, the rebuilding and diagnostic tools are far superior.

Apologies WaltC... Move RAID 10 to new computer solved Moving from old RAID setup to new SSD Can't find your answer ? This is my secondary backup plan. :) If I'd realized this I could've saved a lot of time. Home Newsletter Archives Forum New Posts FAQ Calendar Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links Today's Posts View Site Leaders What's New?

I'll explain. Posted on 2007-02-08 23:43:58 baneaic So here's a question. You mention 4 other possible causes for data-loss in your article but I am afraid I have to admit that I have never EVER lost data that way. In fact, it's the only way to even capture/edit/view uncompressed HD video.

Never Initialize unless you just build it. Puget Systems was excellent during this adventure. :) Having all of the drivers so easily accessible, up-to-date, and easy to see which ones you need was really helpful and impressive! JBOD is used to simply increase the capacity of a volume; when one drive in a JBOD array is filled, data spills over to the next drive, and so on.Prepping for I am the only user so I know I won't accidentally delete or reformat anything.I agree with you that its not a great kind of backup.

please use a dedicated controller not the ensure a better chance of longevity and determine the typical weekly hourly usage of the drives. If you need high i/o performance get a decent ssd.ZFS is even better as that provides protection against bit rot. The odds are still 50%. They think, wrongly, that if they have two drives in a system the odds of a single drive failing are 100% greater than if they had but a single drive.

Since I'm not familiar with either one of your systems, it's hard for me to understand why it works great for one, but is barely noticable on the other... (I'm guessing You do gain a little read speed, but lose a little write speed, but the differences are fairly small. A bit later (another 3-4 emails) I was questioning whether I really needed a RAID set-up (this is a new gaming system btw) and Jeff detailed exactly what a RAID set-up